Top 7 skateboard brands you should check out now

Skateboarding has been one of the favorite sports and hobbies of people from different parts of the world. There’s no doubt that there are millions of skateboard fanatics who tend to invest much of their time in playing skateboarding games or just learning the different skateboarding tricks.

That said, playing your favorite sport is never complete without the very trendy and durable skateboard. For sure, you’re also choosy when it comes to purchasing the right skateboard for you.

Well, I’m with you in choosing the coolest board for you to use. If you’re looking for the top skateboard brands, well, you’ve found the right site. I’ve listed the top seven brands you’d certainly like to have in the future. So, grab this opportunity to know the top skateboard picks for 2015.


The Palace Wayward Boys Choir has converted into a full-grown skate company, and has been rapidly surfacing to skate culture’s majority. The team behind the London label has made various well-known moves this year, from unveiling their own 7-panel hat to opening a collaborative pop-up shop with Adidas Originals.

In fact, their mucky, ’90s-reminiscent aesthetic has become one of the favorites in the skate brand landscape. Well, Palace Skateboards have really made a great impact in the skateboard community with their innovative creative direction.

For sure, many are keeping their eyes on this brand while playing their favorite sport. Expect more Palace boards to come in the future!


This French brand offers you a pure, uncut skate! Just like Magenta’s motto on its site: “No middle-man or business-person involved,” it gives you a unique skateboard that you’ll surely love!

Indian-French skater Soy Panday, co-founder of Magenta, has developed an original artistic outlook for his company. He has made the cool designs for the popular brands. Panday originally wanted to revive the creative facets of skateboarding that he felt were fading away. Well, he already achieved his goal because creative Magenta boards are all over the market.

Actually, the coolest thing about this brand is its unique junction of global perspectives. No doubt, the brand is very popular globally!


Because of the overwhelming artistic talents of creators Pontus Alv and Stefan Narancic, Polar has become one of the most recognizable independent brands in the skateboarding community. Alv’s modern techniques and Narancic’s strange illustrations are reflected on the awesome skateboards.

I guess, you’d rather hang those beautiful boards on your walls than shred up in your favorite skate park. It’s obvious that the hyped and cool Polar Skate Co. warms every skateboard’s heart with its unique features.


Hufhuf founder Keith Hufnagel has raised the brand to be one of the most renowned names in skate fashion. The company provides its customers the best from the skateboarding, street wear, and sneaker communities. Sure enough, Huf has grown rapidly in the world market since its launch, but wait, there’s more!

There is still big potential for the forward-thinking company to do more in the succeeding years.


Providing its customers an artful skateboard, Mood never fails to provide the fast developing skate industry with a modern attitude. The company usually connects with unusual outlets like a trend forecasting group, a painter from Thailand or a bookstore in Greece.

Mood’s innovative mindset surely creates buzz in skateboarding world. No wonder, this Brooklyn brand has elevated to the forefront this year.


Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen, also known as Dill and AVE, have been prominent personalities in skateboarding ever since they tied up at Alien Workshop. Out of their collaboration, Fucking Awesome was brought to life. Dill and Ave incorporated skateboard decks into the mix, and even chose fellow ex-Alien riders Dylan Rieder and Kevin Terpening.

The skateboard brand’s artistic matches the duo’s personalities – unconventional, reckless and mysterious.

So, if you’re into eccentric, reckless and enigmatic stuff, purchase this brand and get into actions with Fucking Awesome boards!


Welcome introduces a line of 22 elite board shapes with quirky illustrations and obscure graphics. The favorite brand provides the skateboarders storybook-like characters, such as evil squirrels with human feet and five-eyed troll babies.

Jason Celaya, Welcome’s creator, assures his customers that his brand sticks true to its motto: “Others take themselves seriously and not their products…we take our product seriously and not ourselves.”

No doubt, this company gives skateboarders a piece of their creativity. Creative and genuine indeed!

Done reading? Done picking your top brand? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you started clicking the net and trying to purchase one of these best choices. Continue the fun and thrill through buying the top skateboard brand! Come on, check them out now!


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