Skateboarder killed, family pleads for changes

A Bell High School student was struck while skateboarding. He was found dead at the scene. Police have named a “person of interest.” Joshua Maldonado can be seen in a photo, posted online. His brother, Christian, told reporters that Joshua has a passion for photography and is always out and about taking pictures.

Naturally distraught, the victim’s father had this to say to other skateboard enthusiasts:

“Take care. Don’t (get) hit by a car. Take the sidewalks or go to a park,” Silverio Solto Maldonado said.

This advice is good; sadly it’s not often heeded. The streets are full of skateboarders, sometimes weaving in and out of traffic lanes. Sadly, a tragedy was bound to happen. One can only hope that now that it has, Maldonado’s sage advice will be followed, so this doesn’t happen again.

Carlo Garcia, Hispanic, just under 6 feet tall, weighing around 250 kg, is seen in an image provided from the Bell Police Department in the course of a press conference in August. 31, 2015.

“He loved taking pictures; he would skate around everywhere just trying to capture that shot,”, said Christian.

The brother of the victim, and the father spoke during the Monday press conference.

“My heart is feeling really bad right now; I saw him two days ago. Every day you saw him, he was so cheerful. He was happy,” Joshua’s best friend, Mateo Cordova, said.

Counselors were on hand as Bell High School students returned to class on Monday.

The police state that there’s a Mitsubishi out there, that may have heavy damage on the front hood, windshield, roof and window on the left.


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