Video shows police officer with his arm around a skateboarder’s neck

A video, taken around five o’clock in the afternoon on Sunday, appears to show a police officer with his arm around a skateboarder’s neck, fighting with him until the man is on the ground.

According to the New York Police Department, the police officer in question had asked the skateboarder, Mu, to sit down so that he could write summons. According to Detective Sessa, the officer’s arrest report states that the skateboarder “refused to sit down and ignored him. The officer informed him that he was placing him under arrest, and attempted to take him into custody, and the defendant fought with the officer.”

Police said Mu had refused to show an identification card when the officer stopped him and had resisted arrest. The 22-year-old was arrested for skateboarding in spite of six warning signs that the activity was prohibited, Mu claims never to have seen.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said in a hearing in June, “We evaluate all uses of force, including chokeholds … and while there is a general prohibition [on chokeholds], we take into account what the officer was facing at the time.”

Mu spent the Sunday night in jail having been accused of resisting arrest, violating the rules of the park, and the defacement of park property. Mu is a student in the second year at Queens College and he lives with his family. He moved from China to New York City when he was six years old. According to a report by DNAinfo, Mu is currently seeking a lawyer to represent him.


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